Cody Byrnes

Lead Design, Engineer at Large


The Door - Aug 2018 - Game, Ongoing
Working title. Procedurally generated Card and Loot based Multiplayer RPG. Features procedurally generated card values, deck building, and real time PVE multiplayer. Developed in Unity and Rust.
ghoul - Mar 2018 - Game
#7DRL Entry for 2018. Features swipe controls, and google cloud integration. Developed in Unity. Roughly 6500 downloads.
A.R.C - Jan 2018 - Game, Prototype
ASCII based terraforming and development game. Features ascii based window management, and intuitive keyboard controls. Developed in Unity with PhiOS


Karmic Labs - Dec 2015 - Ongoing
Managed and enact project delivery, scoping, and technical requirements. Developed User Experience models and designs. Developed both internal and external facing applications. Manage customer escalations and data inconsistencies.
PubNub - Jun 2014 -> Nov 2015
Managed external marketing development. Developed user facing demonstrations of real time technology. Contributed to development and operations of globally provided service.
Cog1 - Jun 2011 -> Jun 2014
Ideated, scoped, and developed applications, marketing material, and prototypes for external clients.